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The nature of their work reduces the expression and onset of the disease.

Photo by Tim Samuel from Pexels

As we all know, taxicab drivers are an iconic fixture for any busy city. They’re known for their distinguished yellow, orange, or black vehicles, and experienced drivers seem to know entire neighbourhoods on the top of their heads.

What they offer is a wide array of specialized knowledge. They have…

Their motives are easier to detect online.

Narcissists are easier to detect online — Photo by Mentatdgt from Pexels

When you’re watching a TV series, such as a soap opera or a psychological thriller, it's easy to spot the narcissist. For example, perhaps the protagonist or antagonist of your favourite TV series is riddled with intelligence, sexual appeal, and arrogance.

They surround themselves around the very people who enable…

Canadian Researcher & Writer | Crisis Responder | Newbie Therapist

Photo of the writer Synthia when she graduated from her H. BSc. in Biopsychology at a Canadian university.

Hello Medium writers,

My name is Synthia and I’m a female in her twenties who is born and raised in Canada. My cultural ancestry is Sri Lankan. I can speak in English and have some proficiency in French as well.

At the time of publishing, I was doing my second…

If it works, it might be a new line of defense.

We must remember the people who cannot remember us — Photo by Cottonbro from Pexels

I used to work, study, and volunteer in academia, and I still have that strange habit of reading a lot of intense research studies. Simplifying the verbiage used in the study, I hope to increase awareness of Alzheimer’s disease for the general public.

At the University of Oslo in Norway…

Yet, science has shown we can “trick” cats with optical illusions.

Photo by Cong H from Pexels

Though I don’t have cats, I enjoy reading and watching material associated with wildlife and animals. I’ll spend hours watching nature documentaries, just to keep the edge off.

I also used to be a graduate researcher, and I have yet to shake off the academic hat. I still like translating…

It’s been a game-changer.

I never imagined that it would help me so much — Photo by Alisson Lucena from Pexels

I’m a life-long learner and I’ve always been on the prowl for new information. As a newly minted therapist, I’m constantly researching new information to better help my clients, whether it is watching videos, attending seminars, or networking with other mental health professionals.

As a kid, I’ve always read a…

Despite a desire for power, there is poor memory recognition.

She’s mad that you called her the wrong name — Photo by Svetlana🎞 from Pexels

I’m a freshly minted therapist who sees people across the lifespan — and I’m constantly on the prowl for new and exciting personality research.

When you’re a well-intentioned therapist, you constantly research the latest trends, theories, activities, and treatments. You do this because you want your clients to receive the…

A healthy family requires open communication and love.

Radiating with happiness, the way it should be — Photo by Greta Hoffman from Pexels

I’m a therapist and I have been spending some time with individuals, couples, and families. Families are a doozy, especially when the unit is strife with drama, miscommunication, and triangulation.

Triangulation, for the purposes of this piece, will be identified as a term used to cause dysfunction and dissatisfaction in…

This jelly ice cube can optimize food storage and transportation.

Photo from Gregory Urquiaga at UC Davis

The amount of ice used in a fish-processing factory is insane.

As we all know, ice easily melts and creates meltwater. What we may not realize is that this meltwater (or even the ice cubes themselves) could easily carry contaminants and/or go down the drain.

Luxin Wang, an associate professor…

Sustainable innovation is not just creating new things, but refining existing technologies.

Photo of the paper battery from South West News Service (SWNS)/Nanyang Technological University in Singapore

According to a study published in Advanced Science, scientists have created paper-thin biodegradable zinc batteries that are the size of a water biscuit.

These batteries are a potential line of defence in the fight against environmental sustainability. …

Synthia Stark

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